About Me
I’ve been teaching for 17 years now, which is long enough to understand what an amazing school ACS is! The students are surrounded with love and care by a very supportive group of staff, volunteers, parents, and church family. I am so proud to be a part of this team. Trevor and I live in Live Oak, where we get to listen to the roosters and the trains. We’re enjoying the view of the Buttes, the beautiful orchards, and the wildlife attracted to the rice fields.

About My Classroom
I teach grades 2-4 in the morning, and 1-4 in the afternoon. We have a small class, which means each student gets more time with me, more input on the curriculum and structure of the lessons, and more time participating front and center in activities. The students learn through independent work, partner practice, cooperative group activities, class discussions, and project presentations.

Teaching Philosophy
My goal is to create a classroom environment where the students build stronger connections to God, develop characters that reflects God to the world, experience the satisfaction of creating, problem-solving, collaborating, and teaching, develop a hunger to learn more, and grow in friendship skills.

I have adopted the “Love and Logic” philosophy of behavior management, which sets firm limits in
loving ways. I develop positive relationships with the students while giving them the gift of owning and
solving their problems.

Best Contact Info
Email: tamra@acselementary.org
-Please make sure I have your e-mail address, too, if you'd like to receive announcements about upcoming assignments, events, etc.

Office Hours

I love to talk face to face. The best time for me is after school: Afternoon or early evening. I want to give my attention to the students in the mornings, so if possible, I prefer to save parent communication for other times.

Class Schedule
This is a tentative schedule for next school year. Mornings will include Worship, Math, and some
Language Arts activities focused on Reading. Afternoons will include more Language Arts, focused on
Writing, Bible, Science, and Social Studies. We will also have technology, music, library time, and art
during the week. Fridays will include Math, Language Arts, more music, and Chapel. If you are interested
in volunteering to help with Reading, Math, or Art, please let me know. Please also see the school
calendar for special activities and events that you can get involved in.

Supply List
3 packs of 12 sharpened pencils, large eraser, 2 or 3 plastic pencil sharpeners, 1 or 2 small pencil boxes or zipper pouches, 3 folders, washable markers, crayons, scissors, wet school glue, 2 lg. glue sticks, box of tissue to donate to the class.
Leave at home: Toys, jewelry, and any other personal items that are not required school supplies.

Expected Key Learnings-click here

Adventist Christian School

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