More about our yuba city school

Our school is part of one of the largest private educational systems in the world and we have highly respected elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities in countries around the globe. The yuba city school was founded in 1914. We are an accredited k-8 small school that purposefully limits the multigrade class size to under 15 students. Our experienced and talented teachers execute professional growth plans on a yearly basis. We work hard to keep our students always safe while appropriately and individually challenging them. Our learning environment encourages student leadership and service. We offer a christ-centered education that nurtures spiritual growth and character formation with the highest academic standards. Take a look at our facebook posts to see the dynamic nature of our school.

Our mission

Our mission is to share a Christ-centered education that nurtures spiritual growth, character formation and high academic standards with the goal of empowering our students to become active in Christ-centered service

Our philosophy

ACS places high esteem on the infinite worth of each individual. Because we understand that each student possesses unique talents, gifts, and achievement levels, we strive to provide an individualized education program within the structure of the small classrooms. We believe that this approach provides a strong base for learning the fundamentals that are essential to progressing in education.  However, we strive to go beyond the fundamentals.  Through the use of music, art, language and computers, we hope to instill in our students a lifelong passion for learning. As a school associated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, ACS believes that God is the center of life.  It is with this in mind that we provide an atmosphere that promotes strong spiritual and moral values. We also believe that it is necessary to instruct and empower our students to become active in areas of service to their community. Our most important job at acs is to assist our students in developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is our ultimate goal.

Adventist Christian School

369 Harding Road

Yuba City, CA 95993